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Thanks so much for taking the time to visit my video portfolio.


Below you will find examples of various projects i have worked on since becoming employed full time as a videographer, I have also left a short description of each project below the video to give a little context.

Everything you see below was directly shot and edited by myself during the time at my current workplace.


You will find examples of interview/portrait lighting, multi camera setups, creative editing, titles made in After Effects and much more.




Josh has adapted well into the team. He settled in instantly and is now a popular and well-respected member of the department. Josh also remains calm under pressure and juggles his workload effectively each week.


Joshua’s key skills and strengths are:


  • Creative thinking

  • Having a creative flair and dynamic vision when working on projects

  • Being enthusiastic about new ideas, new technologies and new opportunities

  • Practical skills when it comes to filming and production

  • His attitude to learning new skills and always wanting to better himself

  • Contributing in discussions with ideas and opinions

  • Playing devil’s advocate at times and assessing situations constructively

  • Communicating any concerns in relation to projects as early as he can.

Current mananger after my 6 month probabation review.

This is my latest project during the time at my current workplace. The company turned 10 years old and they wanted to celebrate with a video involving all of their current staff.

This was setup in a studio in the local area, using coloured backdrops, one key light, two small LED panels to light the back and a reflector to bounce some light into their face from the key.

This was a really fun project to shoot and edit, it was a relatively easy look to achieve but the results were great in my opinion.

This is a promotional video for the launch of a new product, it is a case study of an online learner called Lorna, who takes us through her journey of discovering this company and how it helped further her career.

This was shot over the course of two days in York, the first day was spent around York getting cut away shots on the high street using the Sony A73 with a DJI Ronin Gimbal.


The second day was spent on location in an office, house and at a hotel room in The Principal, York. Where we set up the room in an interview style format.

This is my most advanced animation I have created so far in After Effects. At this moment in time this is probably the best i can do and is a good example of where i am in terms of skills and knowledge in AE. Of course I am always improving but i still have a lot to learn.

This roughly took me about 7 full working days to complete. I have skipped out an area of the animation in the middle of the video as it wasn't relevent for my portfolio.

This was a promotional video for the launch of a new exercise and nutrition online course. They wanted to focus on SMART targets.


I came up with the idea to tell the story of a woman trying to beat her goal to qualify for some kind of race or marathon.


This was a really fun and challanging project for me as I had to tell a story through visuals only, which was very interesting but required much more planning and shot-listing/storyboarding beforehand to ensure i got shots on set that really helped tell the story.

This is a typical video found in one of the online courses i helped to create when working for the Product Development department.


I was the lead on this project, I arranged the location, the actor and came up with a style for the entire courses videos. I also light the scene and was the main camera operator.


This particular video is for an IT course. This was shot on location at a studio in Sheffield. The opening title sequence was made by myself in After Effects.

This was a video designed for new customers who had just signed up to do their apprentiship via an online course.

The breif i was given was very vague, but needed to appeal to a demographic of 16 - 24 year olds and to get them excited about their new course. The script i was given was very long and needed lots of footage from various locations using 3 'Case Study' characters.

Shot on and off over the course of a few months, featuring various actors and locations around York.

This was a part of the same IT course project, shot on the second day at the same studio location in Sheffield.

This was also part of the IT online course.

Using an electronic slider I was able to produce the tracking shot with more computer equipment appearing seamlessly because the movement on the slider was so exact, thanks to the software it uses to control movement. I then blended the shots in After Effects to create a seamless tracking shot. I then used single point tracking on the text to track with the movement of the camera to give a more 3D feel.

This was another typical course video, showcasing interview lighting and multi-camera setup.